BBT5: Shanmukh Chooses Title Over Siri Hanmanth, Deets Inside

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Shanmukh Jaswanth surely knows how to be in the news. It is known that this popular contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 manages to be in the headlines for various reasons. His behaviour in the Bigg Boss house has garnered mixed reaction from the viewers. 

A section of the audience love him for his simplicity in the house. On the other hand, a few others are not very fond of him and are demanding that the show organizers eliminate him from the show. Last night, Shanmukh's mother appeared on the show as part of the family reunion. Shanmukh seems to have got a different vibe from his mother's words. Shanmukh's mother also asked him to focus on the game, she also asked him to gel with everyone instead of clinging to one person. 

Shanmukh mom's indirect advice to Shannu asking him not to be with Siri all the time, spent time with others also. Shanmukh is upset with his mother's behavior. Shanmukh was seen discussing with Sreerama Chandra, "Siri and I Hanmanth are committed to each other as partners. I'm not able to take this as we are emotionally connected. I don't know what I'm doing." Sreerama Chandra asked Shanmukh, what is important to you, title or Siri? Without batting an eyelid, Shanmukh says he wants the title.

There is no doubt that Shanmukh stepped into the house intending to become the winner of the show. And Shannu is also the highest paid contestant in the house.

On the other hand, Shanmukh's girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina is also waiting to witness the winning moment. If Shanmukh wins the show, Deepthi Sunaina will be the happiest person. He is going to make her happy by winning the show. 
Now, Shanmukh confessing to SRC that he wants title at any cost, goes on to show his preference for Deepthi Sunaina. In all probability, Shannu will change his game strategy and turn his focus away from Siri to Bigg Boss Telugu 5 trophy. Why not? It will help him to revive his career as well as to woo back his lady love. It is clear that Shanmukh has chosen Deepthi and title over Siri's relationship.

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