Ravi Fans Protest At Annapurna Studios

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Anchor Ravi is the man of the hour. When he was in the house, none of them had a clue that Ravi enjoyed a crazy fan following outside the house. Anchor Ravi has been in the film industry for more than a decade. It's a known fact that Anchor Ravi got evicted from the house due to the low voting percentage. 

Now, we hear that Ravi fans  staged a protest at Annapurna studios calling his elimination unfair. Ravi fans are demanding justice from Star Maa. They are urging the show organizers to bring Ravi back to the show. 

Everyone thought Ravi will surely be among the finalists if not become the winner or runner-up. Ravi getting eliminated from the show is a big record in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu. 

Netizens claim that Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss eliminated Ravi to make their favorite contestant Shanmukh as the winner of the show. They are calling it a biased show. Ravi fans are trolling Nagarjuna for saying that Ravi got evicted due to the least votes. 

Check out Ravi fans' protest at Annapurna studios:

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