Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Week 14 Nominated Contestants List

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is going to end in a few weeks and many of us would definitely miss the show. However, after Priyanka Singh's elimination, the remaining six contestants are trying their best to enjoy each and every moment in the house. 

As we all know, Monday is a nomination day, and this week's nomination would definitely be interesting as it is the most crucial week before the contestants reach the finale. In today's episode, Bigg Boss will arrange 1 to 6 podiums where the housemates have to stand and say which housemate would they like to see themselves in the finale, which is indirectly the nomination process. 

According to the promo released by the show makers, the contestants' order as per the ranks is Maanas, Shannu, Siri, Kajal, Sreerama Chandra, and Sunny. During the process, Sunny and Maanas exchange places after some discussion. 

After many heated arguments between the contestants, the final order will be Sunny, Shannu, Kajal, Sreerama Chandra, Maanas, and Siri. However, after the nomination process, Bigg Boss nominates all the housemates except Sreerama Chandra, as he has won the ticket to the finale and got immunity. 

Who among the nominated contestants do you think will get eliminated this week? Comment and let us know. 

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