Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Shanmukh And Sreerama Fan War Continues

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has been making the headlines since the first day of the show. The contestants in the house are going all out to entertain the audience and in order to win the title of the season. 

In every season, fan wars are common. Fans of two contestants are often seen getting into war of words on social media to prove that their favourite contestant the best and thus deserves to get all the best things in the house. 
In Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, Shanmukh and Sreerama Chandra fans are having a virtual war on Twitter right from  the second week of the show's commencement. The war has become intense when fans of the two got into an argument in the fifth week over matter pertaining to Jessie. Sreerama fans say that Shannu is not playing any game and chit-chatting with Siri and Jessie. On the other hand, Shannu fans say Sreerama is a two-faced contestant and playing a fake game.

Both the fans are accusing each other saying that their opponent (Sreerama, Shannu) hired PRs for voting. And these cries are only getting louder as Shannu is leading the voting list with the highest number of votes everytime he gets nominated. They say that Shannu's PRs are manipulating the votes. 

The bottomline is that fans of both Shannu and SRC have their own reasons to get into a fight and the war is still continuing. It seems that there will be no end to the war until and unless one of them will get eliminated. But Shannu and Sreerama are well-known personalities outside the house so they might be in the top 5 list for sure. But one thing is for sure, the war between Shannu and Sreerama has managed to pique the curiosity of the viewers to watch the show. 

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Let us wait and watch fans of which contestant will win the war. For more updates follow Sakshi Post.

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