Bigg Boss Successfully Breaks Shanmukh, Siri Friendship

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has almost lost its audience after the continuous elimination of female members of the house. However, the makers of the show have decided on a plan to spike the TRP ratings of Bigg Boss Telugu, which seems to be working. The Star Maa has assigned a secret task to Jaswanth in the ongoing captaincy task. 

Jessie was asked to take away all the eggs from any three contestants, and only then would he be eligible to be a captaincy contender. Jessie devised a plan and took the help of Siri to grab the eggs from Shanmukh, Priya and Priyanka. All the three housemates trusted Siri and gave their eggs to Jaswanth. 

As per reports, in today's episode, Bigg Boss announces that Jessie was given a secret task. Then Shannu feels that he was used by his friends for their own benefits. It appears that he is hurt and asks Siri to leave him alone. The two get emotional. 

Bigg Boss viewers feel that Shannu and Siri's friendship has finally been broken with this Bigg Boss strategy. The video of Shannu and Siri crying because of Jessie has gone viral on social media. Will Shannu, Siri's friendship breakup affect Siri and Jessie's voting remains to be seen.

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