Bigg Boss Makers' Twist To Ravi By Saving Sunny

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As we all know, in yesterday's episode, the Bigg Boss makers first saved Sreerama Chandra from elimination. However, during the episode, Bigg Boss host Nagarjuna lectured all the contestants and appreciated a few of them for their game strategies, good behaviour, among other reasons. 

Nagarjuna congratulated Maanas on becoming the captain. He later appreciated Sreerama Chandra, who changed the captaincy task game by giving power to Ravi and fooling him. Nagarjuna then named Ravi "Bakra" instead of "influencer."

The second saved contestant for the week is Sunny. During the captaincy task, Ravi told Sreerama Chandra that Sunny would get eliminated this week and thus he needed some immunity. As per unofficial voting trends, Sunny is one of the contestants who is getting higher ratings constantly. 

So the Bigg Boss makers decided to give a twist to Ravi and make him understand that he will not be eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu house. In yesterday's episode Host Nagarjuna asks Ravi to bring a suitcase from the pool and asks him to open the shirt inside the case. The contestant whose face will be printed on the t-shirt will be saved and it turned out to be that of VJ Sunny.

Other than Sunny and Sreerama Chandra, Siri, Shannu, Priyanka, Kajal, Anee, and Maanas are also in the nominations and, as per the latest buzz, Anee Master has been evicted from the show. 

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