Bigg Boss 14 Grand Finale: Day Three Voting Trend Confirms Top 3, Winner  

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Bigg Boss 14 has reached the final week. We will witness the Grand Finale soon where the winner of BB14 will be crowned. The finale episode will be on February 21, Sunday. Fanbases of each contestant are voting relentlessly to ensure their favorite contestant’s win. As we all know the winner will be decided based on the votes, the gap between each contestant and the voting percentage is enough to get a clear name.

The Voting trend as of Day 3 was revealed and as usual it is not that shocking. Rubina Dilaik is on Number one. Her fan following is huge and has managed to keep her safe. It was reported that a total of 30 lakh votes were submitted as of Wednesday night, out of which 7 lakh votes came for Rubina. She is currently in the lead and the gap is also enough to keep her safe.

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In second position, we have Rahul Vaidya. This has been constant as everytime we have Rubina and Rahul in the nominations, these are the top positions. Every time the fans vote, they vote to keep their favorite contestant safe but this time it is the matter of Finale and the votes will decide BB14 winner. Aly Goni is on third position. 

The shock comes for fourth position. As of now Rakhi Sawant is on the fourth position and Nikki Tamboli on fifth. The fight between these two is strong. Rubina, Rahul and Aly are confirmed in Top 4 but who will be the last person to join these three, will be interesting to see.

Fans are at the edge of their seats. They are voting day and night in order to make their favorite win. They are keeping an eye on the daily voting trend in order to keep themselves updated.

The gap between Rubina, Rahul and Aly is such that Rubina looks like a clear winner as of now, with Rahul as first and Aly as second Runner up.

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