BB14: Massive Cheating During Bigg Boss Grand Finale Voting

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The Grand Finale for Bigg Boss 14 will be on February 21, Sunday. The voting lines will be open till noon. Now every fanbase is giving their all in ensuring their favorite contestant’s win. For this, they are ready to go massive lengths even if it means ‘cheating.’

As of now, the total number of votes submitted has crossed 30 lakh. This is a massive amount. But in a huge expose by a famous Youtuber, it was revealed that the fans are using bots to vote. Not all the votes are submitted by humans and will be subjected to filtering.

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As many as 5000 bots are being used to submit the votes. The makers are now trying to locate these. It is unclear as to which contestant’s fanbase is doing this, but speculations are that it is between the Top 2 players. Meaning the fanbases of Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya could be resorting to this method.

It might not work out well as the makers will be filtering these votes and if a massive number gets filtered out, then chances are that a contestant might lose their lead. As of now Rubina is in first position followed by Rahul Vaidya, next is Aly Goni. On fourth we have Rakhi Sawant and fifth and last position is occupied by Nikki Tamboli.

How Does the Bots Work

The bots work continuously. The bots run on an algorithm where they will create an ID, login to the website, vote for the contestant and then discard the ID. They will then create a fresh ID and repeat the process. It depends on the money you invested. Depending on the amount you spent, the bots will work for those many hours.

But which Bigg Boss 14 contestants’ fanbase is using this method? What do you think?

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