BBT5: Will Nagarjuna Resort to Red Card Elimination Of Sreerama Chandra?

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 show has been witnessing a lot of quarrels between contestants which other seasons lacked. However, all the contestants are trying their best to win brownie points from the Telugu audience by displaying qualities that will let them survive in the house.

The contestants, however, were seen behaving badly during the captaincy task. Especially Sreerama Chandra’s behaviour during the task was a rude shock not only to the contestants but also Bigg Boss viewers. Ever since the episode was telecast in which Sreerama Chandra was seen saying that he will throw the 50 lakh prize money at their face even if wins the show, Netizens have started trolling him. 

They feel that Sreerama Chandra displayed utter arrogance when he said that. There have been calls from the viewers on social media, demanding the elimination of Sreerama Chandra. 

Sources say that this week could see a red card elimination.

For the unversed, Bigg Boss contestants are mostly eliminated when they fail to secure enough votes when compared to their housemates. But when it comes to Red Card Elimination, the makers of the show can eliminate any contestant with or without nomination. Most importantly, this red card elimination will be done for any contestant that behaves badly or doesn't perform the assigned tasks in the house properly.

Now, the latest buzz is that Nagarjuna might use the Red Card Elimination against Singer Sreerama Chandra and evict him from the Bigg Boss house this weekend. Let’s wait and watch to see how the show makers will punish Sreerama Chandra during the weekend episode.

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