BBT5: Will Nagarjuna Question Anchor Ravi's Double Standards?

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has earned a great craze among the Telugu audience with the continuous misunderstandings and freak fights between the housemates. This attitude continued even during the nominations for the third week in the house. While nomination was in process, Priya nominated Lahari stating that she is not able to spend time with her as she is busy with other men in the house.

When Lahari asks her to explain, Priya brings Anchor Ravi into the discussion and tells them that she saw Lahari hugging him which is portrayed wrongly. After the nominations, while Priya, Lahari try to solve their issues, Anchor Ravi tells that Lahari is not so close to him and she is spending time with everyone in the house equally.

However, the day before, when Priya tried talking to Ravi about his relation with Lahari, Ravi did not take her name but mentioned that he is not able to tell her to maintain distance from him. The Bigg Boss show makers telecasted both versions of Anchor Ravi.

After watching the recent episode, netizens are asking Nagarjuna to question Anchor Ravi about his double standards in the weekend episode.

According to the industry sources, Nagarjuna is planning to counsel Anchor Ravi and give him a stern warning for his double standards.

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