BBT5: Is This Why Shannu Changed His Game Strategy?

 - Sakshi Post

The most well-known and loved contestant, Shannu, is back with full energy. Shanumkh's performance in the tasks has been down for the last two weeks and he has been influenced by other housemates. In last week's captaincy task Siri, Jessie, and Shannu got into a clash as Bigg Boss assigned a secret task to Jessie to become a captaincy contender. Jessie and Siri tricked Shannu and took his eggs. After knowing about that, Shannu and Siri fought.

In this week's captaincy task, Shannu gave his best and did not get influenced or depend on any contestant. Compared to the last week's tasks, Shannu's performance this week was better. Netizens also got impressed by Shannu's moves. So we can say that if Shanmukh plays his own game without Siri and Jessie, he will definitely be in the top three. The audience guess that Shannu got some clarity on his friendship and changed his game strategy. Let's see if Shannu continues the same way or not.

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