BBT5: Reasons For Anchor Ravi’s Elimination

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As we all know Anchor Ravi, who entered the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 house as one of the contestants was evicted from the show on Sunday. When RJ Kajal and Ravi were said to be in danger zone and Nagarjuna mentioned that one of them will be eliminated, he asked Sunny to make use of his eviction free pass if he wished to. 

Sunny then became emotional and revealed his decision to sacrifice the eviction free pass for Kajal. However, when Kajal and Ravi were asked to break the pots, Kajal got saved and Ravi got eliminated. 

While all the house members were puzzled by the shocking eviction, Bigg Boss viewers felt that Ravi's elimination was preplanned to soar TRPs. Yes, you read it right. Because of the vast social media awareness, every week, the contestants are leaving the house as per the unofficial voting trends. 

As per sources, the Bigg Boss makers are said to have decided to go against social media trends, which is why Ravi was eliminated from the show. However, there are a few groups of people on social media, that say that Ravi's elimination was shocking, but not at all unfair. 

They reason that people who support Ravi did not support him, thinking that somebody would definitely vote for Ravi as he is a strong contestant. Due to this overconfidence, Ravi got the least number of votes, resulting in his elimination.

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