Anchor Ravi Regrets Entering Bigg Boss Telugu 5?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu is a really big platform for any contestant to participate and showcase their talent. Sometimes, the show helps the contestants to better their career prospects. Sometimes, the contestants will lose their name and fame after entering the show. 

Anchor Ravi used to have a good name and was widely popular to the tv audience even before he stepped into the Bigg Boss house. After he entered the house, Bigg Boss revealed his unseen side. 

It has emerged that Bigg Boss has changed viewers' opinion over him. People changed their opinion on Ravi during the family reunion episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, it is learnt. However, when the audience thought of supporting him, Bigg Boss makers showed him the exit.

Now, we wonder if Anchor Ravi is regretting his decision to enter Bigg Boss Telugu 5 as the show hasn't helped him in any way. In fact, Ravi lost his name and fame after the show as there were a lot of Controversies inside the house.

Taking all these into consideration, Ravi might be regretting. But we are sure he will be back on the small screen to anchor shows. 

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