Sohel Beats Abhijeet Of Bigg Boss Telugu, Here's How

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Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss season 4 emerged as the show that has made show buffs hooked to their TV sets amidst the pandemic. However, the show is soon going to end and we all are excited to know who will be the winner of this season. Fans have already started speculating the winner of this season. Any wild guesses? There’s no fancy prize for any guessing. As you all might aware, everywhere we are hearing only one name he is none other than Abhijeet who rose to fame with the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’. Are you thinking Abhijeet would sail through the final week easily to become the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner, then, you are grossly mistaken?

Sohel’s increasing popularity too has become a thing to worry about for Abhijeet fans. According to the recent voting trend, Sohel and Akhil are the biggest competitors for Abhijeet. Looks like Bigg Boss makers may not declare Abhijeet as a winner. Yes, what you read is right. Recently, Nagarjuna has degraded his image in front of the audience and housemates. He totally lost confidence about wining the show and it was clearly visible in last week. The maker of the show has released another new promo on their social media.

The promo went viral in no time. What caught our attention. Sohel is seen as a king in the promo and contestants are doing whatever he is saying. Abhijeet hasn’t seen in the video. In other words, Sohel steals the promo. Speculations are doing the rounds that is Bigg Boss makers are promoting Sohel to make him a winner. Probably, the answer could be a big ‘Yes’. Netizens claim that if Abhijeet emerges a winner it would be a big insult for the makers as they believed to be giving the winner title to an undeserved contestant who just sits on the sofa does nothing in the house. Likewise, Bigg Boss makers could be promoting Sohel to make the winner of the season. On the other hand, All Akhil fans would vote for Sohel as he sacrificed a ticket to the finale for the former. Sohel also has a huge fan following and so there are maximum chances for him to become the winner of the season. In the meantime, take a look at the tweets:

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