Telangana MLA Jaggareddy's Open Letter To Celebrities Mocking Farmers' Protest

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"Dialogues, Dance, Sex are easy to achieve but being a farmer and to cultivate, harvest the crops is not easy," says Jaggareddy.

The Central Government has confiscated the crop grown by the farmer through the corporate system and has brought in laws to increase the financial burden on the farmer in India.

For the last two months, children, young women, and men between the ages of 10 and 100, irrespective of age, day and night, have been flocking to Delhi in the cold and dust trying to appeal to the BJP government to reconsider legalizing the new farm laws.

"If we eat the produce harvested by the farmers and enjoy our lives and push the farmers' to the brink to hold farmers' protests, it is certainly not fair. And all the political parties in the country except for the BJP and the TRS, and the Congress party, all the other political parties are supporting the Farmer's movements," says Jaggareddy

Jaggareddy said that "It is sad to see that some film and cricket celebrities act foolishly while they eat the produce harvested and cultivated by farmers and yet choose to oppose the farmers’ movement."

He also went on to say, "working in a movie with paint on the face, holding a cricketer's bat and playing is not as easy as plowing the land with a plow."

Reddy questioned that, "In your film industry, and also in cricket, you have breaks, cool drinks, teas, snack intervals. There will be encouragement with applause as you play and fall. But a farmer who plows the land and cultivates crops does not have such facilities."

Reddy laid some interesting points on the table; he wanted to ask the celebrities, "Would some celebrities like you criticize such farmers! Do you have to be so critical of the celebrity who is a foreigner and openly supports the farmers of our country when you don't support them yourself? Do you need to criticize them? Do you feel ashamed or not for your actions?"

He questioned the celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Ravi Shastri, Actors Kangana Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, and more if they could all plow, cultivate, irrigate, and harvest crops like a farmer.

He also added that plowing was not as easy as playing cricket or saying a Dialogue and dancing like in the film industry.

He further questioned, "Some film celebrities like you have made films on the plight of farmers, many farmers who have committed suicide due to untimely rains, fake seeds, fertilizers as well as crop losses isn't it true?"

"No matter how many accolades you earn in your profession, in the end, you will have to survive by eating the crop harvested by that farmer. So, if this is the only knowledge you have then it is better you do not make crazy comments about farmers, else you will end up as fools in history," he said.

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