Google's DeepMind Develops AI System To Predict Rains Under 2 Hours

Google's DeepMind Develops AI System To Predict Rains Under 2 Hours - Sakshi Post

DeepMind, a division of Google, has developed an AI-based ‘nowcasting' system that can predict rain in the next two hours.

Predictions were found to be accurate in 89 per cent of cases when compared to two existing forecasting systems.

London-based Google is the owner of DeepMind.

Its artificial intelligence (AI) weather forecasting technology was put to the test against two other systems.

Google's DeepMind: There have been several occasions when we have gone out of our houses without an umbrella during the monsoon or even otherwise, only to be surprised by the rain. To add to our woes, on certain days, even the weather forecasts have failed us horribly in anticipating the likelihood of rain.

Google's DeepMind scientists have created an artificial intelligence-based forecasting system that they say can predict the chance of rain in the next two hours more precisely than existing methods. The technique uses high-resolution radar data to create probabilistic forecasts of medium to heavy rainfall over the next 90 minutes based on the last 20 minutes of such data.

DeepMind scientists collaborated with Met Office (the UK's national meteorological agency) meteorologists to build the AI-based "nowcasting" system.

The method employed radar composites gathered every five minutes between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2019, to train and assess nowcasting models across the UK. However, this technique of probabilistic nowcasting has obstacles, according to the report.

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