Apple Watch Can Save Your Life, Deets Inside

Apple Watch Can Save Your Life, Deets Inside - Sakshi Post

The latest Apple Watch commercial emphasises the device's life-saving capabilities.

Tech News: On New Year's Day, Apple released a new ad called "911" that highlights how the Apple Watch has been able to save lives and assist individuals in calling first responders.

The commercial features three people called Amanda, Jason, and Jim, who were all able to call 911 using their Apple Watches.

The first story concerns a woman whose car had tipped over and was filling up with water. The second caller is a paddleboarder who has been pushed out to sea by a strong wind and is trying to get back to land. The third victim was a farmer who shattered his leg after falling 21 feet.

The commercial claims that all three people were saved in a matter of minutes. Apple noted in the video's description, "These are just three of many incredible stories where people were able to get help using the Apple Watch."

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According to the commercial, buying an Apple Watch may save your life in an emergency.

To recall, in the United States, a man's life was saved when unknown to him, his Apple Watch sensed him falling and instantly dialled 911.

The Apple Watch has saved lives in the past, and it occasionally surprises users by recognising problems that they are unaware of.

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