Telugu man, accomplished Triathlon athlete Manmadh Rebba plans to set up a centre in Hyderabad

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Manmadh Rebba from Hyderabad is the only Indian to have qualified in the hardest Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii, USA, in 2017, 2018, and 2019. After graduating as an architect in India, he did a construction management course in the US. His colleagues there were the first ones from whom he heard about the sport (swimming, cycling, and running over various distances) while working there. As a result, he got interested in the sport and has since aced the toughest races. 

Rebba started with a 5K run in 2013 and is now the Numero Uno runner in this sport from India. He hopes that the vast experience he has gained will be useful for generations to come. The advocate of a sustainable lifestyle is now planning to move to Hyderabad and set up a coaching center here to further expand the horizons of the less-known sport.

"Although I am a Hyderabadi, I emigrated to America for higher studies and employment. I did my first triathlon on November 10, 2013, in Miami. I signed up for a triathlon before I knew how to swim and jumped into it. I learned swimming to complete my first triathlon (Miami Man) within 2.5 months. After that accomplishment, I took a break and again got back into triathlons in 2015 through IronMan 70.3 Austin, Escape from Alcatraz and other IronMan races before getting a wild card entry to UltraMan Florida 2017 and later became the first Indian ever to participate in UltraMan World Championships, Hawaii in November 2017," he says, giving a glimpse into his background.

"Everyone knows marathon but not triathlon. This is a new sport. The lack of adequate infrastructure facilities in India has made the sport a non-starter so far. During COVID, my friends used to collect donations for oxygen cylinders. There is a race called Keys' 100' in the US where I contributed one hundred cylinders. That is 160 km. I have covered 160 km. I decided to run. That's how my Ultraman journey started. After that, there is another series called 'Badwater 135'. Indians have a lot of potential since we do not come from normal circumstances. Historically, we participated in many battles and we have courage and bravery.," he adds.

Rebba believes that we can do wonders if we use our stamina in the right way. "The knowledge and records I have acquired should not end with me. It is my wish that more people show their potential in this field. We are leaving our traditional potential and taking a different route. We follow only big games like cricket. But if we work hard in the proper way, many opportunities are waiting for us," he analyzes.

"My aspiration is to give a healthy and potential life to the present and future youth. I also give coaching in this field," he says, confirming his plans to move to Hyderabad and make the sport popular.

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