Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Unveiled In Goa, Check Pictures

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Cristiano Ronaldo's statue has been built in Panaji, Goa, to encourage children and push football to the next level in the state and country. The monument weighs around 410 kg, and its purpose is to inspire the next generation to participate in sports and pursue their goals.

"This is the first time a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo has appeared in India. This is only for the purpose of inspiring our kids. If you want to take football to the next level, young boys and girls will look forward to taking pictures, admiring the monument, and being motivated to play, "said Goa minister Michael Lobo.

"The statue's main purpose is to inspire. We expect the government to provide enough infrastructure. We require coaches to train our boys and girls. Former players who played for Goa and made India proud should be appointed as trainers by the government. Only in this manner will we be able to advance in the world of sports. Because we are such a large country, we are far behind many other countries in terms of football, "he said.

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The minister went on to say that there are others who are opposed to the statue's placement because they do not want to see the country advance in sports.

The monument, which costs nearly Rs 12 lakh, had been planned for three years but was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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