China Unveils Bullet Train For Beijing Olympics, Check Features

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The Beijing Olympic Games will begin on February 4, 2022, in China. For this, China showcased a new bullet train designed just for the Games.

The driverless bullet train moves at 217 kilometers per hour and can carry 564 passengers in its eight cars every trip. It will shuttle people along the 108-mile trek between the Chinese capital and satellite venues in the city of Zhangjiakou precisely in time for the Beijing Games.

The train would take only 50 minutes to transport people from Beijing's central district to the Olympic sites in Zhangjiakou, as opposed to three hours on a regular express train.

The train was designed specifically for the Beijing Olympics. It includes a 5G-connected broadcast studio from which journalists may broadcast. The railway's construction began in 2018, and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou connection was finished in 2019.

For the Olympics, the government intends to establish a "closed-loop" bubble in which athletes, officials, broadcasters, and journalists will be restricted to certain areas.

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