Family Pack Cast Share Their Real-life Experiences on Guiding Ghosts!

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A heart-warming comedy 'Family Pack' has been released on Amazon Prime Video. Director Arjun Kumar S has brought to life a crazy story featuring a ghost and a guy from a broken family who falls in love with a girl.

As soon as the film has premiered on Amazon Prime Video, the audience is elated to see a different kind of comedy after a long time. The concept of Guiding Ghosts brought an aspirational value to the audience that they want to have in their real life. Talking about the Guiding Ghost in real life, actor Likith Shetty reveals, “I think the guiding ghost in my life is my father. Because we share a lovely relationship and he always keeps pushing me. Anything I am doing, he always made sure that he was aware of it.”

Director Arjun Kumar says, “I have many Guiding Guides in my life. The first one of course my parents. And from the film industry, right from the directors to the supporting artists. They are all very experienced and know how to convey their ideas. They kept on telling me, 'Let’s just go ahead with the shoot and you don't worry about anything,’ so in this way they are very good guides for me.”

Veteran actor Rangayana Raghu adds, “For me, people narrating about ghost itself is an inspiration. I am born in a small village in Pavagada, Tumakuru district in Karnataka. It's in the very interiors of Karnataka. People in our town express their real-life experiences. When I went to America, someone narrated his experience to me. That means even in America people experience ghosts, not only in India alone. I have a realistic approach to such stories”.

Family Pack released on Prime Video on 17th February in India and across 240 countries and territories the world over. Directed by Arjun Kumar S and produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar, the film stars Likith Shetty, Amruta Iyengar, and Rangayana Raghu in the lead roles.

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