Thousands of Goans Protest Diversion of Mhadei

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Thousands of Goans gathered at Virdi-Amona ground for the 'Save Mhadei Save Goa' public meeting to protest Karnataka's diversion of the tributaries of Mhadei river.

A couple of resolutions were adopted demanding that the Central Water Tribunal withdraw the approval of DPR granted to Karnataka as any attempt to divert the nature water course of Mhadei would have severe impact on population of the six talukas depending on the river for their drinking water needs.

The Central Water Commission has approved Karnataka's revised detailed project report recently which meant for the diversion of Kalasa-Bhandura tributaries of Mhadei river. 

Jnanpith award winner Damodar Mauzo said that even during the Opinion Poll referendum held in Goa in 1967 to oppose the state's merger with Karnataka there were people to tell us, you won't be able to do anything.

"Today also we have people telling us that we will do what has to be done. But if you rely on them, then our work will not be done. If we have so many thousands behind us then victory is not beyond our reach," he said.

"It was a Monday on Opinion Poll day on January 16, 1967, and today also it is a Monday. Half of Goa, six talukas, drink water from the Mhadei. When Karnataka says water is needed on humanitarian grounds for one taluka of Dharwad, what about six talukas of Goa," Prajal Sakhardande of Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan said.

Kannada Dhangar Samaj's Sharan Mitti said that three lakh Kannadigas living in Goa will fight for the Mhadei along with Goans.

"Modi and Gadkari like to build bridges, but tomorrow we may not even have water to flow under the bridges if the diversion takes place," writer Datta Damodar Shirodkar said.

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