Power To Indian Army To Tackle Chinese Aggression, Rules Of Engagement May Change

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NEW DELHI: The Indian government is wasting no time in sending out stern messages to its Eastern neighbour over the Monday night's bloody border clash thta killed about 20 Indian soldiers. As part of it, Indian Army has been given emergency power to deal with full freedom any Chinese aggression at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The decision was taken by the Indian government after the Monday night clash, which marks the first ever such situation since 1975.

The government has reportedly given Indian Army a free hand to act as they deem fit in the Galwan Valley region where the clashes erupted. Chinese tabloid The Global Times has reported that the Chinese PLA carried out an exercise with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and towed artillery.
Indian Army and the Chinese PLA have been at loggerheads for since last month when Chinese troops crossed the mutually agreed upon LAC and pitched a tent on Indian soil.

In another significant move, the Indian Army is also believed to be contemplating a complete change in the rules of engagement with China following the latest incident. Not opening fire is among the standing instructions that the Indian army has given to its soldiers manning the LAC in Ladakh. But due to the tretchery displayed by Chna on Monday night provoking a clash and attacking the Indian soldiers with rods, sticks and batons that have nails, the Indian Army is said to be seriously thinking of reviewing this rule of engagement.

The Monday night clash is believed to have happened at a time when the Indian soldiers tried to remove a tent that was pitched by by the Chinese troops on the Indian side of The LAC.

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