Panipuri Seller From Bihar and UP Labourer Die in Kashmir Targeted Killings

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As killings in Kashmir continue, more civilians are getting shot. This has led to unrest in the region. Recently, the son of Kashmir's famous medical practitioner and pharmacist Rakeshwar Nath Bindroo, ML Bindroo, 68 were killed in the shooting.

Siddharth Bindroo, 40, is the son of Makhan Lal Bindroo. Siddharth was left in shock when he got a call informing him that his father was dead. It was alleged that some armed men entered their family-run pharmacy on October 5 and shot ML Bindroo thrice. This comes from the targeted killings that have been taking place in Kashmir for some time now.

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Back in the day, most of the Kashmiri-speaking Hindus - locally known as Pandits - left for safety to other Indian cities during an armed insurgency in the Muslim-majority region in the 1990s, but even then the Bindroos were among more than 800 families who chose to stay.

Due to the killings in the region, the religious minorities are once again in a panic state. The minorities are becoming the target.

Two additional civilians were killed on the same day as ML Bindroo: a Hindu street panipuri seller from Bihar's eastern state and a Muslim cab driver, both of whom were fatally shot by unknown assailants. Just two days after that, few men entered a school in the Srinagar area and killed the Sikh principal and a Hindu teacher.

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