Pakistan Reaches Out to Terror Outfit to Target 200 Indians, Create Unrest in Kashmir

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Pakistan-based organizations have informed Indian intelligence agencies of the formation of a new terrorist organization. Intelligence inputs have been received that a plan is being hatched to create tension across the country by targeting Kashmir, according to the information received. As a result, the ISI-backed terrorist group has compiled a target list of 200 people.

Kashmiri pandits, leaders, journalists, industrialists, and non-locals are among those on the list. It has also been decided that Kashmiris who work with police, security services, or intelligence departments will be slain, according to reports.

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Non-Kashmiri citizens, as well as members of the BJP and RSS, were targeted during the meeting between ISI officers and terror group leaders. The ISI, according to the alert, had compiled a hit-list of 200 persons who would be slain in order to raise tensions in the Valley.

In addition to Indian agencies, the list includes media individuals connected to the Indian government, security forces sources and informants, and some Kashmiri Pandits who were actively lobbying for the return of Pandits to Kashmir. For the current attacks and targeted killings, the ISI and terror groups are reported to have gone ahead and assisted terrorists who are not under the supervision of Indian security services.

To facilitate these actions, pistols and explosives are being smuggled through LC from Uri and Tangdhar, according to the notice.

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