Indore: Christian Priest Cremated After All-religion Prayers

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Indore: A priest Verghese Alengaden from Indore was cremated on Tuesday, after an all-religion prayer meeting instead of being buried as per Christian religious customs. This was done as per his wishes for not wanting to waste space for a grave, his associate stated.

As per reports in the PTI, 70-year-old Father Verghese Alengade-founder of the Universal Solidarity Movement passed away due to age health issues in a city hospital on the 26th of March.

His associate said that the priest who did not own any land wanted a simple death ceremony and that he should be cremated in an electric crematorium instead of being buried and wasting a six-foot-long land for his grave.

As per his wishes, Father Verghese Alengaden was cremated in the electric crematorium at Rambagh Muktidham. Prior to the cremation, his mortal remains were kept at the city's Red Church and people from different communities attended all-religion prayer meetings held in his memorial.

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