CBSE, ICSE to Devise Assessment Parameters to Evaluate Class 12 Students

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On Tuesday, the centre announced the cancellation of the exams for CBSE Class 12 students. This news came as a relief to not just the children but also to the parents who were concerned for their kids’ safety.

With all that is going on in the country, it is becoming difficult to conduct exams. Students cannot come to invigilation centres as it can be risky. Hence many exams are getting cancelled with results to be announced based on other methods.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the exams for CBSE Class will be cancelled. Not just that but the ICSE Boards for Class 12 are also cancelled. According to the PM, this is in the best interest of the students and their well-being.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) issued a statement announcing the cancellation of class 12 board exams. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that student health and welfare are his top priorities, and that there will be no compromise in the matter under any circumstances, and that kids should not be put in danger because of the examinations. All the states are discussing this matter.

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As the students are now in curiosity regarding the marks and how the assessment will happen, the Supreme Court gave their answer in this matter and said that the CBSE and ICSE boards must announce the assessment parameters in a maximum of two weeks.

A bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari shared that they were very happy to hear the PM’s decision. The centre took the right step in cancelling the exams as it is best for the students. They also added that they want the parameters to be shared at the earliest.

These students have waited long enough, said the bench. Many of them are looking forward to applying to colleges and get admission where they like. For that, they will be needing the Class 12 marks. So it would be best if they get to know the criteria, soon.

As soon as the parameters for assessment are shared with the Supreme Court, they will go through it and deal with any objections that people might have.

Both the ICSE and CBSE Boards asked students and teachers to not panic. They are taking a decision and everything will be announced soon. They should just wait a little longer.

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