BTS Suga and Jungkook Collab on OST For The Webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO

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As we know, the South Korean boyband BTS earlier announced the release of their upcoming webtoon, 7FATES: CHAKHO which is set to release next week. Teaser images, clips, and other stuff have been released leading up to the webtoon. Now on January 5, the band’s company, HYBE labels took to social media to announce the release of the original soundtrack for the upcoming project.

The OST for the webtoon is produced by member Suga and vocals are by Jungkook. The release date for it is yet to be announced but expect it to drop anytime soon. Check out the announcement tweet here:

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7FATES: CHAKHO is an urban fantasy story set in the near future and is inspired by the Joseon Dynasty's 'Chakhogapsa' tiger hunters. This epic story follows seven young men who are fated to be together. They must become a unified group of seven to unlock their destiny after growing up together through a series of hardships and tribulations.

On January 15, it will be available in ten languages through Naver Webtoon's global service. The story idea came in collaboration with the BTS members.

In other news, the Bangtan Boys are all almost done with their break and are back to work. RM and JHope shared clips after getting back to their studios. ARMYs are going to be busy as the webtoon is soon going to release and also an album is sure in the works.

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