BTS’ Jungkook Breaks THIS Instagram Record

 - Sakshi Post

Earlier in December last year, all the BTS members made their individual Instagram accounts. They are breaking records left and right. From fastest followers gain to likes, these boys are creating new records. First post of 2022 by the Golden Maknae Jungkook and it has already made headlines.

He shared a cute photo of himself playing with his two pet puppies on Instagram. He can be seen lying on the floor with two Italian Greyhounds, Song and Paeng, resting on his tummy. In a white T-shirt and black slacks, he looks really good.

Well, what came as a surprise was that in no time, his post surpassed 1 million likes, just in 2 minutes to be precise. This is now the fastest 1 million likes in the history of Instagram. Check out the post here:

Not just that, he also holds the record for fastest 5 million likes and crossed 10 million likes in just a couple of hours.

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