BTS Members Jimin And V Graduated From Global Cyber University

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BTS Members Jimin and V graduated together from Korea’s Global Cyber University. They even received special awards at the online ceremony.

Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung were bestowed with the President’s Award. They both graduated in August 2020 from the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. They received MBA degrees in Entertainment and Media.

The ceremony was held at Ilchi Art Hall on March 1 while following all the necessary COVID19 regulations. As Jimin and V were busy with their schedules, they couldn’t attend the ceremony. Professor Cheon Bumjoo accepted the award on the members’ behalf.

Jimin and V received the President’s Award, which is bestowed to global talent who practised the spirit of Hongik Human.

The Global Cyber University is nicknamed “BTS University” as all the members are studying at the university. Many K-pop artists also attend this University for their MBA degree.

Fans shared their congratulatory messages on social media and said that they were proud of the members for prioritizing studies as well. Many ARMYs said that they receive inspiration from BTS as they manage to excel in their studies all while releasing amazing music.

Other Members Also Enrolled in the University

All the BTS members are studying and are prioritizing their education. Their entertainment agency, BigHit ent. confirmed the news last year. Members including RM, Suga, Jhope, Jimin and Taehyung enrolled in the Hanyang Cyber University. All the members opted for an MBA degree in Advertising and Media. It was reported that youngest member Jungkook also enrolled in the same university for a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment. Jin is in the same university as well.

All the BTS members are focusing on their studies while also being the biggest boyband. Since Jimin and Taehyung graduated in August last year, we can say that they were working on their assignments while also working on a global-hit song, ‘Dynamite.’

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