RGV Satire On Hyderabad Mayor Vijayalakshmi Gadwal's Pet Love

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HYDERABAD: Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma recent satirical tweet on Hyderabad Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi's love for her pet dog has sparked a twitter outrage on Thursday.

Ramu who tweets about anything that catches his eye always ends up in the news for their satirical and mostly controversial nature. The director who is known to speak his mind on various topics ranging from women, philosophy, politics and of course films, RGV has not spared the First Citizen of Hyderabad after he recently reacted to a video of the Mayor feeding her pet dog, which surfaced on social media.

In a short video, Gadwala Vijayalakshmi is seen feeding her pet dog. While she is sitting on a chair and she is feeding the dog which is sitting on the bed. Now what caught RAm Gopal Varma's sharp eye is that she is feeding the pet with her right hand and at the same time eating  with her left hand while she feeds her pet pomeranian.

Reacting to this expression of love for the pet, RGV first tweeted, Going by the emotions in this video I doubt the Hyderabad Mayor  loves her family, her party, KTR, KCR and even the people of telangana 1% of how much she loves a dog ..Am sure they all are jealous of this DOG!

Not stopping there he writes further, ''After seeing this video of  Gadwal Vijayalakshmi, I am wondering if she was drunk with love on a dog or in love with a drunk dog but the question is whether she loves the people as much as her dog. Honestly I pray to be born as a dog in my next birth if a mayor can love me this much.

Then in his third tweet he writes, 'Height of self less LOVE is the HONOURABLE MAYOR feeding the DOG with RIGHT HAND and herself eating with LEFT HAND . She should be made the international MAYOR of DOGS.

Now whether it was pure sarcasm or just an observation is left to one's imagination. However these tweets about the Mayor Gadawal Vijayalakshmi has set off a furore among the TRS activists who are hurling abuses against the director. The rest are just watching the fun and amused at his observations and comments made by the director, who continues to regale us with his witty comments and  remain in the limelight for his nonconformist statements and behaviour.

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