Munawar reveals 'Madari' has a contrasting mix of sound textures, poetry

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Mumbai, May 28 (IANS) After dropping songs such as 'Noor' and 'Alag BT' from his latest album 'Madari', comedia-singer Munawar has revealed the release date of the album.

Munawar took to social media and shared that 'Madari' will be launched on June 6 and will be available across various streaming platforms.

Talking about the sound texture and the elements used in the album, Munawar told IANS: "The sound texture of the album is unique and expansive as there is equal proportion of melody, hip-hop and rap. We have incorporated diverse elements in creating the album, deviating from the conventional expectations of a rap song which usually focuses on the rap part or a hook line. We have explored various possibilities and experimented with different musical elements."

He further mentioned: "For instance, the song 'Mumtaz' incorporates elements of spoken poetry, adding a distinct layer to the album. On the other hand, the song 'Kajal' offers a contrasting vibe. The listeners of each song in the album are expected to be people who like different genres of music, as we aimed to cater to a larger audience and provide a song for every mood."

The album has a total of 8 songs which are sung, written and composed by Munawar.

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