Mika Singh harnesses pure gangster vibe in new song ‘Naa Das De’

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Mumbai, Sep 16 (IANS) Mika Singh, who is one of the biggest artistes of Desi Punjabi pop, has released his latest track ‘Naa Das De’, in which he channels a full on gangster vibe with a touch of romance.

The song features a very groovy and catchy rhythm, and pop melodies, while stylistically being very close to a version of gangsta-pop, due to the selection of the overall vibe, and production.

The melody is incredibly catchy with Mika Singh having enough swag in his voice and delivery alone, to give the listeners a strong feeling of attitude and power, while also being a great foot tapper.

Flavourful, hard-edged and very polished and glossy, with the rapping of Ghaint Jatt being full on gangsta-rap, with electronic lacing. The bass is pounding, the drum arrangements are solid with the synthesisers also creating a great sense of hard hitting gangster atmosphere.

As far as production goes, it is a bit contrary to what gangsta style is about, as it is usually much less polished, and has more raw sound in order to accompany the arrangement.

But perhaps this was a stylistic choice, because while the song is extremely beefy in its sound design, to the point of nearly sounding overproduced, it has a level of class which standard gangsta music does not.

This can further be seen in the music video, where Mika Singh steps in as a Punjabi don, wearing elegant suits, glasses and of course, he carries a black automatic pistol with him.

Then, there is a romantic part to it as well, because it is the classy gangster wooing a beautiful girl which is played by actress Yesha Sagar. The girl herself is very suited for him as she has the same attitude as him.

The song is composed by Mika with its lyrics penned by rapper Ghaint Jatt, with both channeling a pure hard hitting gangster vibe in the music video.

Mika Singh, expressing his excitement about the release, said: "I am thrilled to share 'Naa Das De' with my fans. I believe it brings together the best of music, lyrics, and visuals. The vintage gangster vibe in the music video is something we haven't seen in a while, and I can't wait for everyone to experience it."

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