Mark Wahlberg shares 3 tips for 'healthy lifestyle' after changing routine

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Los Angeles, Nov 28 (IANS) Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg shared advice for leading a "healthy lifestyle", whilst discussing his own routine and approach to exercise which has undergone a change in recent years.

The actor, 52, who is known for films like the ‘Departed’ and ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’, attracted attention over his 'strict' typical daily schedule a few years ago. It included being scheduled to work out twice a day, reports

Mark spoke to Fox News Digital about his routine recently and is said to have provided his tips for people who want to lead "a healthy lifestyle".

The actor commented: "Eat right, exercise and rest," adding that you have to "find balance".

He continued by dismissing the idea of living a "boot camp type existence".

As per, Mark said that you want to be able to "have fun" and "reward yourself" for hard work. He then went on to further discuss celebrating achievements in life.

The actor said he thinks everyone wants to "celebrate their accomplishments". He added that you then "get up the next day" and "get after it," with him telling the outlet that finding a "nice balance" and a "routine" for yourself is "key".

Discussing his routine, Mark said he takes a "cold plunge" each morning and still goes to the gym. It was suggested that he rests two days a week though, now focused on "being able to move and feel good for the long haul".

The actor, who was once a member of the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, said such an approach is in opposition to simply "worrying about aesthetically trying to get bigger and stronger".

He said that this leads to injuries.

According to the outlet, Mark further spoke about changing his training schedule in the interview after having been committed to his previous one for years. It was suggested that it would have led to more injuries if he's continued it.

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