How to Book A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

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Travellers who are travelling long distances would definitely opt for a train journey. But these train journeys have their own issues especially when it comes to reservation.Sometimes booking a train ticket might be challenging as many of the seats are reserved  prior in advance. And when you plan a sudden trip it is obviously hard to find seats for  reservation. This is the time when one looks for a Tatkal reservation. Tatkal reservation starts a day before the journey starts. Booking for an AC 3 Tier seat and above starts at 10 am. But booking for a sleeper class starts at 11 am.

Things to do Before Booking a Ticket in IRCTC:

1. To book a tatkal ticket on IRCTC you must have an IRCTC account.

2. Create a master list after creating an account. Select Master List in the My Profile section.
In this fill the details like name, age, gender, date of birth, food preference, senior citizen, ID card type, and passenger ID card number.

3. Add passenger details to the master list. A maximum of 20 passengers can be entered into the list.

4. Now, create a travel list in the My Profile  Select passenger names from the master list. Now ready to book tatkal tickets.

Steps to reserve Tatkal tickets

1. Log in to the IRCTC website or app at 9.57 am to book a Tatkal ticket for 3AC or above class, 10.57 am for sleeper class login.

2. Next, select the station names under the Plan My Journey tab, choose your travel date and submit.

3. Now select the train you want to travel from the suggested train list. Quota can also be selected; General, Premium Tatkal, Ladies, Tatkal.

4. Then select the coaches for which you want to book the ticket and enter the passenger details. Now, Master List is here to help you save your time.

5. If you want to book tickets for 1-2 passengers select passenger details from the master list. But if the number of passengers is more than that, select passenger details from the itinerary list.

6. Once done, proceed to make payment.
Once the payment is done, you can see the booked tickets in the My Booking tab.

7. By doing this you can get tatkal tickets faster.

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