Investigation is on into corruption in Telangana: Amit Shah

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Hyderabad, Nov 18 (IANS) Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday that an investigation is on into allegations of corruption in Telangana and action will be taken after the probe is completed.

He stated that it's not the BJP's culture to take action against anyone in view of elections without the investigation being completed.

"Our fight against corruption in Telangana is on with full force. BJP's culture is not to take action in view of the elections and without the investigation if completed. The way KCR targeted our leaders, we don't," he said at a news conference after releasing the party manifesto for Telangana Assembly elections.

"When the investigation is completed and investigating agencies reach a conclusion, action will definitely be taken," he said when asked to comment on the allegations of former MP Vijayashanthi that BJP failed to take action against corruption by KCR and this made her quit the party.

Former MPs G. Vivek and Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy also made similar allegations while recently resigning from BJP.

"They were here for three years but not even once they reminded me. It was only when we said we will make BC CM, they left BJP one after the other. But we can't change our policy because of them," he said.

"The Central agencies are not taking action at the time of elections because the probe is on. Our Central agencies don't run politically like agencies under Congress and KCR. They work independently," he said in reply to another query.

Amit Shah mentioned that in the election manifesto, the party has said that all the cases of corruption will be investigated by a Commission headed by the retired Supreme Court judge.

When asked to comment on Congress leader and former union minister P. Chidambaram's statement that the previous Congress-led government can't be held responsible for deaths during Telangana statehood agitation, Amit Shah remarked that the government was responsible.

"When we were there, we created three states but there was no bloodshed. They did not want to create Telangana State. United Andhra Pradesh was their ATM. When they realised that they were losing power, they formed the state in a hurry which led to the violence," he said.

On crores of rupees being seized in Telangana ahead of November 30 elections, Amit Shah said the question should be asked to KCR and Congress.

"The crores of rupees which are being seized belong to the people of Telangana. KCR is wasting Telangana's money and Congress party is wasting Karnataka's money," he said while claiming that BJP state leaders told him they don't have money.

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