US: Missing Indian Student of Purdue University Found Dead In Campus

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In a shocking incident, a missing Indian student of Purdue University in Indiana, US, was found dead inside the campus. He was identified as Neel Acharya, who was a double major in computer science and data science at the John Martinson Honors College of Purdue University. Neel had been missing, and his mother filed a complaint about his disappearance. Police confirmed Neel's death and recovered his body.

The body was found at 10:30 am on Sunday near the Maurice J Zuccaro Laboratories on the campus. He was identified based on the ID found with the dead body.

Chris Clifton, head of Purdue University's computer science department, also confirmed Neel Acharya's death. However, there are suspicions that someone might have killed Neel Acharya. Police are investigating the matter. On the other hand, within 10 days, two Indian students lost their lives in the United States.

It is known that 25-year-old Indian student Vivek Saini was brutally murdered in Lithonia, Georgia. An assailant killed Saini by hitting him on the head 50 times with a hammer. This brutal murder shook the Indian students living abroad and their families.

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