IFFI 2023: Always tried to portray women as strong characters, says Rani Mukerji

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Panaji, Nov 26 (IANS) Noted actor Rani Mukerji, while interacting with IFFI delegates, on Sunday said that she always tried to portray Indian women as strong characters in her films.

Emphasizing the importance of commitment to one's craft, the accomplished actress asserted that it is important to always stand by strong films and roles.

“Sometimes you might not get the audience's approval at that period of time. But in the history of cinema, such films and characters will find a place,” she said.

Reflecting on her cinematic journey, Rani said that she always tried to portray Indian women as strong characters. "Outside India, films and their characters are viewed as windows towards our Indian culture,” she added.

Rani Mukerji also highlighted the significance of versatility for an actor. Elaborating on its significance, she said, "If an actor is versatile, they can portray different facets of life. The more diverse I can make my characters, it will be more interesting for the audience and me. This diversity in characters also inspires me."

Sharing her personal reflection, Rani remarked, "I don't give much importance to the age factor and tried to do justice to my characters. Fifty percent of your battle of making people believe in the character is won if you look like the character."

Delving into the intricacies of character portrayal, Rani shared, "For doing particular roles, actors often meet real-life people to get their physical characteristics right. But it is also important to know what all emotions they are going through. What distinguishes a scene in a film is the emotions behind the scene. It is important to portray the emotions for it to reach the audience's heart."

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