KTR Tears Into BJP, Centre in His Fiery Speech

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"I want to tell this to all the opposition parties that are criticizing saying that Telangana is under family rule. Yes, we have family rule in Telangana, it's One hundred percent  family rule. Four crore people in the state are our family members. As the eldest son of that family, KCR is working for the welfare of all,' hit out Telangana MAUD Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR). 

Recently, some people are said that KCR does not say Jai Telangana. If KCR did not say Jai Telangana, would we get a separate statehood status for Telangana? he asked. KTR made it clear that no one had the guts to break KCR's bond with Telangana. A heated debate took place in the Legislative Assembly on Saturday after the motion of thanks for Governor Tamilisai's speech. 

Referring to the criticism made by BJP member Raghunandan Rao during the discussion, KTR criticized the central government, Prime Minister Modi and other BJP leaders. At the same time, he talked about the progress made by the state. 

Excepts from KTR's speech in his own words..

Telangana, a baby not even ten years old, is now a torchbearer for the country. Telangana, which is an indicator of integrated, inclusive and comprehensive development, is now a beacon of light for the country. In eight and a half years, KCR, made Telangana into a model state with his revolutionary ideas, which was ably backed by the officers and employees who implemented those ideas to ensure progress in every step. The Telangana villages, which was going through the worst times, are now glorifying the beginning of a new history. This is evidenced by the fact that 19 out of 20 villages have been voted as the best panchayats in the country. 

According to NABARD report, Telangana has risen from 26th position to third position in the country after Punjab and Haryana. If 68.17 lakh tonnes of grain was produced in 2015, now 2.02 crore tonnes are being produced. Are these statistics not visible to the opposition who criticizes the government?

Even though the government schemes are great, some people ruthlessly criticize them. The opposition leaders are criticizing Rythubandhu even as the United Nations praised them. Only 3.1 percent of the people own more than ten acres of land in the state. Rythu Bima  stands by the poor farmer families. When the welfare of the farmers in the state is like this, the centre has tried to break the peasants by proposing three black agricultural laws. 700 farmers who took to the streets to protest against them lose their lives. There is no such prime minister anywhere in the world. A company like LIC was looted to encourage crony capitalism. Prime Minister is working for the welfare of some corporate people. However, on the other hand, in Telangana, there is a human aspect behind every decision of CM KCR.

The entire world is praising the glory of Kaleshwaram project. We are proud that Discovery Channel has created a special program to showcase this architectural marvel to the world. But the opposition is busy branding it corruption. When Prime Minister can spend one lakh crores on bullet train between Mumbai-Ahmedabad, is it wrong to spend lakhs of crores on a great project like Kaleshwaram, which irrigates 45 lakh acres? If Kaleswaram stands for reverse pumping, now Palamuru, which looks all green, is the address for reverse migration.

We have entrusted the responsibility of finding how many people have benfitted from the Dalit Bandhu scheme in the state and how many have accumulated wealth. Details will come out soon. On the occasion of two years since the scheme was started, a huge meeting will be held with the participation of beneficiaries of the Dalit Bandhu scheme in the joint Karimnagar district, where it was started. National level dignitaries will attend the event.

Prime Minister Modi's words of Make in India have hardly yielded any results. Meanwhile, under the able leadership of KCR, we are able to witness a 'double impact government'. Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas is 'Sab Bakwas'. The govt is offering eye glasses to workers in Telangana through the Kanti Velugu scheme. These facts are not visible to the eyes of the opposition. An eye camp should be set up in the assembly for them. KCR has nothing to do with caste or religion when it comes to public welfare. Poverty is the cornerstone for him. In Nalgonda we have solved the problem of fluoride contamination. But the Centre is in a hurry with Har Ghar Jal. Water can be given to every house. But do not fill the heart with poison.

From chocolate to rocket, from tractor to helicopter, from apps to maps, Telangana has grown as a real leader, he said. KTR also stated that Prime Minister Modi did not even mention Telangana's achievements in 'Man ki baat'. Points like Telangana being home to a World Green City through Haritaharam.

It was wrong for us to support demonetisation in the past. We should not have done that. What MIM and other opposition parties have said in the past is true.

The nation is not only Adani or the Prime Minister, there are 140 crore people. One sells and the other buys. BJP is known to use CBI, IT and ED as hunting dogs. The centre is trying to cripple Telangana with financial sanctions, with its stepmotherly treatment. After the cancellation of ITIR, those associated with Kakatiya Textile Park was given nothing, except empty promises. I am staying true to my words, signed off KTR.

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