Hyderabad Firm Develops Companion Robots For Senior Citizens

Hyd-Based Firm Develops 'Companion Robots' For Senior Citizens - Sakshi Post

Companion robots are being developed by a Hyderabad-based company to keep the elderly engaged.

Hyderabad: Social isolation among the elderly is increasingly being identified as a risk factor for dementia, anxiety, and suicide ideation. Achala IT Solutions, a Hyderabad-based company, has developed the notion of 'companion robots' for older persons, which will converse with them and send information to carers in the event of an emergency.

The robots, which will be manufactured under the Elro brand, will also monitor health vitals such as sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen saturation levels in the elderly, as well as connect with a doctor and have recommended medications delivered to their homes regularly.

According to Rajesh Raju, CEO and founder of Achala, it will also play films, cognitive games, connect with friends and family and remind people to take their medicines on time.

In the background, it continues to study the seniors' habits and attempts to establish conversations. It will ask a series of random questions to check for dementia or depression. It will be aware of the interests of the users and will dive further into such issues to keep the conversation alive.

The chat can take place with the device or with other users via Elro. A psychiatrist will conduct an evaluation, and the proposed modifications will be implemented into the routine via the smart calendar.

Self-autonomy, environmental mastery, and self-acceptance will all be tracked by the gadget.

The desktop version of Elro will be available shortly. It will have tools for assessing blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, SP02, and temperature. Its 10-inch screen will be useful for video consultations, making calls to friends and family, and displaying reminders. It would cost Rs. 25,000 and have several packaged features.

Conversations and social activities are covered by a Rs 1,500 monthly membership. For doctor video consultations and medicine orders, it will be pay-per-use.

Achala is also developing a three-foot humanoid that can travel throughout a home, locate the elderly, and transmit footage to emergency responders in the event of a fall. With the elderly, all chats and data are encrypted and anonymised.

Elro is compliant with the National Digital Health Mission standards for security and privacy.

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