'Hi Nanna' trailer tells tale of single father unable to leave his past

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Hyderabad, Nov 25 (IANS) The trailer star Nani’s new family-drama film ‘Hi Nanna’ tells a somber and heartfelt story about a single father, his struggles with love, raising his daughter by himself, his isolation, and a haunting past.

A loving father to his daughter, Nani is telling his daughter a story and having a very powerful father-daughter moment which feels very real. However, as the daughter is always questioning him about her mother, Nani is lost as to what to tell her and simply tells her to imagine her mom as a wonder.

One day meeting Mrunal Thakur’s character for a meeting with his daughter, she again asks how she should imagine her mother, who catches Nani off-guard. Mrunal then tells her that she can picture her own visage as that of her mother’s.

Now enters a more distraught story which packs in a lot of complexities. Falling in love with his wife at first sight on a rainy evening. While imagining her as Mrunal, a brief visage of Shruti Haasan enters the picture which shows that she was his wife.

The story becomes even more complex as Nani begins to fall in love with Mrunal, but he’s been isolated from the very feeling of love for a long time, and soon his life begins to collapse right in front.

Becoming rather distant from his daughter as well as his new-found love, the actor’s past comes to haunt him. There is a lot of emotional turmoil he’s undergoing as the unrevealed incident with his wife left him scarred, and traumatised.

Giving glimpses of his past, while being deeply in love, Nani is said to have caused his lover a lot of emotional harm which broke apart his marriage. Crying in his house when his daughter again asks him about her mother, he tearfully asks: “Is my love not enough?”

His daughter runs up to him and hugs him tearfully, as it continues raining from the outside of his balcony. A more experimental take on the typical family-drama film, ‘Hi Nana’ looks far deeper and darker than it looks.

Directed by Shouryuv, the movie will hit theatres on December 7, 2023 after being preponed from December 21.

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