Gulshan Devaiah embraces new lifestyle with ‘tough’ 20 hours of fasting daily

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Mumbai, April 5 (IANS) Actor Gulshan Devaiah has embarked on a fasting regimen, where he stays away from food for 20 hours each day and said that he wanted to embrace a "brand new lifestyle".

Gulshan said: "I wanted to embrace a brand new lifestyle. And for me as an actor or anyone who has an unpredictable schedule, having to maintain a great deal of discipline is a crucial part to our well being.”

The 20 hour fasting was something he wanted to do for a while.

“The 20 hour fasting window was a tough lifestyle change but something I wanted to do for a while. It truly was a challenge but it has been something that has drastically optimised my health for the better,” he said.

Gulshan said he has “begun to have more concentration, more energy than ever before".

The actor added: “The initial time was a struggle but I’m glad I persisted and this new lifestyle has led me to adhere to a drastic change and has helped me to reap its benefits now”.

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