Is This Why Kichcha Sudeep Got Emotional in BBK9 Finale?

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Bigg Boss Kannada 9 ended on. Grand note in a gala finale event. Roopesh Shetty, who also won Bigg Boss Kannada OTT season 1 was declared as BBK9 winner. Rakesh Adiga was the first runner up followed by Deepika Das at No.3

The Bigg Bosa Kannada 9 Grand finale was marked by fun, joy and drama. Emotions ran high among the audience as they pinned hopes on their favourite Contestant to win the title. 

Meanwhile, a clip from BBK9 finals has gone viral. At one moment, Bigg Boss Kannada 9 host Kichcha Sudeep, who's known for his composure, seemed to get emotional. 

Wiping a tear drop off his eyes, Sudeep stated that when one starts off on achieving a goal, there's a path which eventually narrows down and once you get want you want, you feel like wanting to wake up as a common man. Sudeep said these words were from his heart and not as a TV host. This video has made viewers wonder if Sudeep hinted at leaving BIgg Boss. 

It is known that Kichcha Sudeep is one of the most successful hosts of Bigg Boss Kannada. He's perfect for the job and not only Colors Kannada but also viewers feel the same. Now, Kichcha making such a statement on a stage like that has left fans wondering if he's signing off for good from the show.

Have a look...

There's no second opinion about Sudeep being the best host of Bigg Boss Kannada. Nobody could have pulled it off better than him. But he's also an extremely talented actor which demands time off his busy schedule, which the actor cum host has been managing without a hitch. Let's see what the makers have decided. 

Readers, you tell us your opinion. Can there be a better host than Kichcha Sudeep to host the show? Let us know your comments in the section below. 

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