Taapsee Pannu Pens Foreword For Inspiring Stories of 11 Women Changemakers

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In another attempt to lead by example and inspire with intent, Almas Virani and Sweta Samota have come together for a book about change, and its power, titled 'Changemakers'.  The book comprises the journey of 11 powerful Indian women, who managed to bring a substantial change in the society after attending 'She Creates Change', a program by Change.org. Meanwhile, Taapsee has also written the foreword for the book.

Almas is a public speaking & podcast coach, Corporate trainer and a changemaker, while Sweta, is the country's leading book coach, with a degree in software engineering. The book stands for what both these women believe in and that is, to bring a change by being the change, and enabling the change.

Talking about the book and their novel attempt to create change, Almas and Sweta tell us, ''If we set out heart and mind at it, we are capable of creating a change, and one will be surprised to see the wonders one can do. While we understand that bringing a change in any walk of life is a journey, we also feel that one can get inspired by looking at those that these 11 changemakers have taken. And so, we truly feel that these stories and these women are capable of not just bringing a change, but also inspiring them, which makes their stories important and one that should be heard.''

Also associated with the book is actress Taapsee Pannu, who is leading by example through her films, and her ideologies, in bringing a change for women. Her latest release Rashmi Rocket does in fact, take up on gender issues, and shows how one person is capable of being a changemaker, and that it all starts from within. She has written the foreword for the book, and mentions how she feels that we are our biggest hurdles and who would believe in yourself, if we don't. She writes: "And the day you feel low on confidence and you feel your voice doesn’t matter anymore, just go through a few pages of this book and you will know that you see a better society today because these women didn’t shush their voices.”

Slated to hit the shelves on October 19th, the book will be available at Crossword bookstores and on Amazon.

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