Suma Entry: Bigg Boss Tricks To Increase TRP Ratings!

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is one of the most loved shows on Television and needless to say about how youngsters go gaga over the show. Nagarjuna is the host of the show and he keeps the audience hooked to their television sets with his hosting skills. At times, he warns the contestants and some other times, he makes fun with them. In the recent weekend episode, we have so many interesting elements.

On Saturday's episode,  Nagarjuna surprised not only the housemates but also the audiences by welcoming the legendary actor, Kamal Haasan. The Saturday's episode was much intriguing and the 'Lokanayakudu' actor saved 'Harika' from elimination.

And on Sunday's episode, we saw Suma Kanakala on the show. Is there any need to tell about how the show will be if Suma comes on the sets? The show is much fun and everyone thought that Suma would enter the house as a wild card contestant. With this news, most of the people got excited and decided to watch the show. After coming to know about the news, the housemates were overjoyed. But, to everyone's disappointment, Suma is not going to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Suma said that Monal has been using more tissues, called Lasya's smile as a covering smile. Suma gave a task to Abhijeet and gave a tongue twister to Avinash. She made some funny comments on the other housemates. And finally, she said that she can't join them as she was occupied with her work commitments. 

Now, most of the netizens are questioning why the makers of Bigg Boss are trying to fool the audience. We think that the makers of the show are trying to increase the TRP ratings by adding some interesting elements to the show as it has got less TRP ratings in the earlier weeks. And now, with Suma's entry, the show might have get some decent TRP ratings.

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