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Kiran Abbavarma’s Rules Ranjann hits the theatres from today. Here’s the review of the film. 


Manoranjan (Kiran Abbavaram) works as a techie in Mumbai. His life is guided by rules and regulations. Discipline is his second nature. But everything goes for a toss when he bumps into his old flame Sana (Neha Shetty). They go on unplanned dates and even get to share the same flat over a night. Love blossoms in both. However, Manoranjan and Sana part ways without sharing their phone numbers. The hero moves to Tirupathi, where Sana lives with her family, to woo her and marry her. He faces many obstacles in the process.


Kiran Abbavaram is one of the most passionate and versatile actors. He has tried a variety of roles this year in 'VBVK', 'Meter' and now 'Rules Ranjann'. In the coming years, he will surely get better opportunities to explore his acting talent when he makes more and more movies.

Neha Shetty is likable. The DJ Tillu actress is beautiful in this film in half-sarees and modern clothes. Vennela Kishore, Hyper Aadhi, Nellore Sudharshan and Viva Harsha draw laughs. Ajay and Subbaraju, Nagineedu and others have played serious roles.


Comedy and screenplay.
The performances.
The storyline.
The second half's scenes in Tirupathi involving two families.
Amrish-composed Sammohanuda song


Some weak scenes.
Predictable climax.


Rules Ranjann is not supposed to be watched with a serious mindset. Like a true entertainer, it has to be watched without looking for logic. Kiran gets to be in the shoes of senior heroes. The brand of comedy makes him important in every scene.

There is a balance between romance and comedy. We don't expect action scenes in a movie of this sort. Songs set in pubs and on Mumbai streets are what we have to expect from this time-pass movie.

Director Rathinam Krishna, the son of AM Ratnam, shows self-aware skill in narrating the story. After the failure of the well-meaning 'Oxygen', he decided to change his track. 'Rules Ranjann' will find takers. His efforts won't go to waste.


This film is all about keeping the audience in splits. This is a laugh riot with a decent storyline.

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