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Rudraveena, produced by Sai Vila Cinemas' Ragula Lakshman and Ragula Srinu and presented by Ragula Gouramma, stars Shreeram Nimmala, Elsha Ghosh, Shubasree Rayaguru, and others. The movie's teaser, trailer and other pre-release promotional videos have been received well by the viewers. The love and action drama was released in theatres this Friday (October 28). Let's find out how the film is...


In Yanam, Lalappa (Raghu Kunche) is carrying out illegal activities such as drug trade in cahoots with his younger brothers Muthappa and Kannappa. Notorious for his savagery, he doesn't think twice before murdering innocents and raping women in the dark, while for the world he is a merchant trading in fish. 

Rudra (Shreeram Nimmala) is a gutsy youngster who is a cricket coach by the day and hunts down Lalappa's henchmen by the night. Meanwhile, Lalappa and his men are searching for the mystery man who is after them.

It is at this juncture that Rudra falls in love with a peace activist named Priya (Elsha Ghosh). He befriends her, woos her and they both eventually become love birds. Amidst all this, Rudra manages to eliminate Lalappa's younger brothers. In jail, Veena (Shubasree Rayaguru) is about to be hanged to death. Why is Rudra after Lalappa's men? How are Rudra and Veena related? Answers to these questions are answered as the story progresses.


The lead performances are effective. This is a multi-genre film that becomes heavy-duty from time to time. As the unrestrained Rudra, budding actor Shreeram Nimmala is promising. He is also likeable in light scenes. In other words, he is both class and mass rolled into one. 

Raghu Kunche embodies rage and cruelty with ease. There is a scar on his face but his performance is deeper than the external marks. Elsha is not only good-looking but also looks the part of a romantic girl whose presence lightens the mood. The lead pair's chemistry is convincing on the screen.

Shubasree as a convict delivers a neat act. Sonia, who plays a negative character, typifies the traits of a cinematic lady villain well. Chalaki Chanti and Getup Srinu, besides some members of the 'Jabardasth' batch, are cast well. The humour is simple and brief. 

Technical Aspects:

Director Madhu Sudhan Reddy is helped by cinematographer GL Babu's decent talent. The frames are ordinary in the love scenes; however, they rise to the occasion during serious and action blocks. Mahavir's music definitely helps in drawing the audience's attention; a couple of songs have been set to tune with calibre. Bontala Nageswar Reddy's editing is worthy. Bhupathi Yadagiri's art direction is sufficient. 

The fights choreographed by Riyal Sathish are a highlight; this film needed the action to be intense.

Rudraveena borrows its title from a classic. This is not an out-and-out serious or emotional movie, though. There is drama but there is also easy-breezy romance. There are fights but there are also comedy situations. The revenge element is added to the action element.

One can say that the production values on display reflect the commitment of the producers at Sai Vila Cinemas. Since the visual experience is respectable and there is no in-your-face vulgarity, Rudraveena makes for a family watch. It's a complete package that has been made to suit the tastes of all sections of audiences.

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