It’s Confirmed: Sumbul Touqeer Khan Eliminated From Bigg Boss 16

bigg boss 16 elimination 18th week - Sakshi Post

With each day passing, Bigg Boss 16 show is getting interesting with contestants fights and drama in the tasks. We can say that the show is all about Mandali vs Non-Mandali. Even BB16 viewers are watching the show from the same angle and slamming BB16 makers for supporting Mandali. They say that the BB16 makers are not pointing out Mandal’s mistakes in the weekend episode. We can say that Mandali is getting hatred from the audience for their behaviour in the task and house. Sumbul Khan is the recent contestant to get an exit pass from the show. Netizens blame Mandali for her elimination. Mandali kept Sumbul out from the Torture task and was also seen backbitching about her attitude. Well, BB16 viewers were satisfied with Archana’s game against Mandali. Sumbul gave her best in every task after breaking her bond with Shalin and Tina Datta. Sumbul earned a huge fan base and impressed the viewers with her game. Sumbul fans are trending "Welcome Home Sumbul" on Twitter.

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