Bigg Boss Telugu 6: This Contestant Is Likely To Be Evicted In Week 11

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This week, Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 contestants competed head-to-head for immunity and an eviction-free pass, which have the power to save contestants from elimination. But this time the Bigg Boss Telugu makers have planned the eviction-free task in a unique way, which was interesting. Cutting down money from their remuneration to earn an eviction-free pass and immunity was adopted from the Hindi Bigg Boss show. This is the first time in Bigg Boss Telugu history that contestants have sacrificed their remuneration to stay in the BB house. In any case, Rajashekar obtained immunity by deducting Rs. 4 lakh from his pay. Faima won the eviction free pass.

Well, Adi Reddy, Inaya, Keerthi, Marina, Revanth, Rohit, Shrihan, and Sri Satya are the contestants who got nominated for this week's elimination. According to the Instagram unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu 6 pages, Adi Reddy, Inayam Shrihan, Revanth, and Rohit entered the safe zone. Sri Satya, Marina, and  Keerthi are in the danger zone. Netizens say that Marina has many chances to get an exit pass from the show. Earlier Tollywood actress Madhavi Latha posted on her Instagram handle that Marina's voting line is diverting. By this, a section of the audience predicts that Marina will eliminate this week. Let us wait and watch which contestants will face the axe this week.

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