Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Makers Eliminating Strong Contestants, Saving Undeserving Participants?

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Disappointed Bigg Boss Tamil 5 fans are slamming the show makers, Vijay TV for eliminating strong contestants and saving weak contestants who they think do not deserve to stay in the house. 

Earlier, the makers had evicted Akshara and Varun, who, viewers thought deserved to be in the finals. And now Thamarai is all set to gett the red card in tonight's episode. Netizens say that even though Pavani was in the danger zone witheast votes, Thamarai was evicted in her. 

Those who had been regularly following Bigg Boss Tamil 5 always thought that Thamirai was among the top 3 contestants. Bigg Boss Tamil fans are questioning the makers their basis to save Pavani. According to them, Pavani didn't perform like Thamarai. 

Netizens allege that Pavani always tried to manipulate Abhinay Vaddi, and after his eviction, she continued her friendship with Amir. Amir is getting hate from the audience because of Pavani. 

On the other day, when Bigg Boss announced that Niroop was a finalist of this season, viewers were upset and decided to vote for other contestants. Because Pavani and Niroop were in danger for this week's elimination, makers saved Niroop by declaring him as the finalist and saved Pavani by eliminating Thamarai. 

Now, Bigg Boss viewers  argue that if the makers are not considering the audience votes, what is the point of their voting? 

Now, show buff feel that there were a lot of unexpected eliminations in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. Remember, they even brought back eliminated contestant Abhishek as a wild card entry to the Bigg Boss house. It's another thing that viewers eliminated him again. 

Now, Netizens are hoping that at least the winner and runner-up should be chosen based on audience votes and not favourites. As per viewers' prediction, Priyanka will be declared as Bigg Boss Tamil 5 winner followed by Raju as the runner-up. 

 Let's see what happens. 

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